How to Hit Irons: Tips for Finding the Golden Angle

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We work with amateur golfers all the time who come in looking to learn how to hit irons better. Whether they’re not getting enough loft on their ball or they’re thinning every shot, something doesn’t feel right for these players with an iron in their hands. We’ve found that the most common reason for inconsistency and the biggest cause of frustration when it comes to iron play is the angle of contact.

The majority of the golfers we see having trouble figuring out how to hit irons don’t make contact with the ball at the golden angle, or the ideal spot on the clubface. This is happening because of a couple factors in their swing, but it tends to have the same result: low, weak shots that don’t take full advantage of the power generated in your swing. That’s why in this lesson, we teach you how to hit irons at the golden angle so you can start putting the ball where you want it.

How to hit irons like a pro

If you’re struggling with your iron play, it’s probably because you’re making contact with the ball on the way up, and not on the way down. To demonstrate what we mean, PGA Professional Dr. Gary Wiren shows you how to hit irons by teaching you the difference between a shot where the clubface strikes the ball on the descent and a shot where the clubface strikes on the ascent.

You can start to learn how to hit irons by watching the pros on TV. When they strike the ball, they do so as that the golden angle, with their wrists cocked backward and the club coming down. Gary recommends emulating that to figure out how to hit irons, and focusing on creating divots past the ball to ensure you’re making contact on the downswing. He gives you a few tips for practicing this, including taking practice swings that brush the grass just ahead of your ball. With Gary’s tips for finding the golden angle shot after shot, you’ll discover how to hit irons better in no time!

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4 Responses to “How to Hit Irons: Tips for Finding the Golden Angle”
  1. Tom Pritchard
    Tom Pritchard

    Great tips, not sure of the clothes, I live in Phoenix… lol
    hitting in front of the ball, yes I know, but to practice that…
    should, no doubt, give one to making better ball striking… Thank You Dr. Gary Wiren…