Improving Golf Swing Posture Through Stretching

Duration: 3:22

When it comes to developing your best stroke and your most consistent game, proper golf swing posture is the root of success. There’s no monster drive or dependable iron play without a solid and well shaped posture. Every instructor has their own method for training golfers to develop and maintain correct posture, and in this lesson PGA Professional Michael Peterson teaches you his favorite golf swing tips for proper posture before, during and after each stroke.

While Michael acknowledges that many players have physical limitations which prevent them from utilizing good golf swing posture, he also believes there are certain adjustments every golfer can make for better posture. He demonstrates these simple changes, and talks about how they can greatly impact your technique and, ultimately, your score. You’ll learn why it’s so important to stretch your back before you swing a club for the day, focusing on compressing and decompressing the spine. With Michael’s advice and a few more free golf tips, you’ll have much better posture and start putting the ball closer to your target!

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