Improving Golf Distance off the Tee

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Duration: 4:25

We all want to hit our driver farther. Increased yardage off the tee means a shorter second shot and therefore a better chance of leaving yourself a simple putt. Golf distance with the big stick seems like it would be an easy thing to improve – swing harder for a bigger drive, right? Well, what if we told you most amateur golfers focus on the wrong components of their golf stroke when they train their tee shots? In this lesson, we teach you what to improve in your technique if you’d really like to crank your drives and ramp up your golf distance.

Adding golf distance through greater whip, torque and lag

To help you take your driving skills to the next level and send your tee shots flying past your current targets, PGA Professionals Rafael Floriani and Joseph Hallett demonstrate some expert tips for better swing technique. You’ll learn what amateurs tend to emphasize in swinging for the fences, and discover what you should focus on instead.

Our pros talk about the difference between a composed, well-constructed tee shot and the common full-out lash. While it may make sense theoretically to generate more velocity through the shoulders, Rafael shows you something you should consider about timing and ball flight direction. He explains why it makes more sense to practice quick rotation through the core of the body and the hips to produce higher clubhead speed at the point of contact.

Once you understand where increased clubhead speed should develop, Joseph introduces additional expert golf swing tips, and discusses the importance of whip, torque and lag hold in developing proper form. These three components are essential for a powerful swing and increased golf distance, so we recommend practicing each at the range and on the course. Take advantage of Joseph and Rafael’s quick tips and other practice drills videos, and we guarantee you’ll start hitting the ball farther with less strain on your body!