Improve Putting Technique and Accuracy

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Duration: 4:27

To improve your putting technique, you have to practice and practice until you develop a repeatable stroke that you can confidently deploy to nail putts–and then you practice some more. You can never be too good at putting. Technique can always be sharpened and your score can always drop, so it’s important for your game that you find the time to work on putting drills that don’t take long but are highly effective.

There are a number of drills that help to develop better putting technique and instill your game with confidence, but few are as good at encouraging repeatability in your golf swing than the Circle Drill or Progression Drill.

In this lesson, PGA Professional Jay Overton teaches you some of the essentials of proper putting technique, including green reading, stance setup and swing strength. Then he walks you through correct execution of the Circle Drill, which is excellent for both narrowing your focus and getting your ball to the front of the cup. Read more about the drill below.

Improving putting technique with the Circle Drill

To help you get your putting technique back under control and find your best game with the short stick, Jay demonstrates one of his favorite putting technique exercises, the Circle Drill. For this exercise, you’ll set a number of balls out in the pattern Jay has established to practice your distance control and accuracy.

By spreading golf balls out in a grid, you give yourself the chance to practice reading greens and picking out the best line to the cup for each unique shot. Start close and work your way outward, progressing from easy to hard and working a few tough sloping shots into your routine. Follow Jay’s advice on proper putting technique, paying particular attention to swing pattern and distance control, and you’re guaranteed to improve your putting technique and lower your score.