Improve Putting Accuracy and Distance

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Putting is perhaps the most important facet of every golfer’s game that they can always improve. Just like a basketball player looking to become more clutch at the free throw line by staying after practice and drilling shot upon shot, you can improve putting with commitment to developing a consistent stroke and honing your muscle memory. So to help you improve putting and take your skills to the next level, our PGA Professionals introduce a handful of simple drills you can practice at your local driving range or in the comfort of your own home. They focus on striving to become more accurate on both long range putts and those two- or three-foot no-brainers that give most golfers nightmares.

Improve putting accuracy with a smaller target

The first thing you can work on to improve putting is decreasing the size of the cup. To do so, PGA Professional Rodney Green demonstrates a quick exercise that involves only a single tee. By visualizing a smaller target and aiming for the dead center, you’ll be able to trick your mind into thinking that’s all the area it has to work with, and thus improve putting precision on those so-called gimme putts. Then try testing your distance reading on longer putts by trying to avoid leaving yourself lengthy second putts. Make it your goal when practicing longer shots to leave the green without a single three-putt.

Straightening your stroke

Next, we talk about the stroke itself. One of the most important components of a successful, consistent putting stroke is the straightness of the swing. If you have a straight backswing and follow-through, you are generally guaranteed the ball will go where you want it. PGA Professional Michael Breed demonstrates a drill that helps golfers work on developing straighter swings and improve putting strokes by utilizing a line of tees and minimal space for the club to divert.

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