Improve Driving Accuracy and Alignment

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The majority of amateur golfers are prone to making one very forgivable mistake, and golf instructors everywhere know it as soon as they see it. The mistake is improper alignment of the feet, caused by a kind of optical illusion that happens when you’re picking your target prior to stepping into your tee shot. Superior driving accuracy requires plenty of practice, as well as concentration on the mechanics of a good swing, one of which is foot alignment. Prior to setting their feet, most amateurs don’t spend the time necessary to properly select their target. Today, PGA Professional Mike Bender introduces an important idea about alignment that you should implement to improve your driving accuracy.

Driving accuracy is all in the heels

See if this sounds at all like you: Player 1 steps back from his tee shot and lines up his target. Player 1 and Player 2 agree that he needs to land the ball about ten yards shy of a hill out in the fairway; if his shot comes up left of the hill, he risks sliding off into sand traps. With his eyes, he picks out the very center of that hill, as that’s the ideal landing spot, but when he settles into his stance, his toes are square to the heart of a bunker. He hits a solid shot, best he’s struck all day, but the ball ends up on the beach. Player 1 turns to Player 2 with a befuddled look. Player 2 shrugs his shoulders and says, “Your feet were lined up directly for that sand trap.” Player 1’s befuddlement turns to amazement; he’s just learned something new.

Player 1 has discovered that driving accuracy is dependent upon where you point your feet. Every amateur who takes a lesson with a PGA Professional learns within the first five minutes whether or not their feet are properly aligned. If you’re anything like our Player 1, you’ve been guilty at one time or another of lining up with your eyes instead of your feet.

If you’re anything else like Player 1, driving accuracy can be a frustrating facet of the game that you’d kill to improve. The solution doesn’t have to be complicated; golf is filled with simple little adjustments like foot alignment that can drastically improve such important components as driving accuracy.

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