How to Line Up a Golf Shot: Accounting for Parallax

Duration: 1:07

In this free video lesson, PGA Professional TJ Tomasi teaches you how to line up a golf shot properly by keeping in mind how parallax affects your line of sight, your target selection, and the result of your swing. Because of binocular parallax most amateur golfers end up aiming to the left of their target, whereas professionals line up behind their ball to pick their target. TJ explains why you should start doing the same, and discusses what will happen to your strokes when you do so on a consistent basis. Check out more golf swing tips such as this one, and browse our library to find other golf tips for beginners that will elevate your game to the next level!

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3 Responses to “How to Line Up a Golf Shot: Accounting for Parallax”
  1. Mark Higdon
    Mark Higdon

    This is great advice, and I would add one other thing that has helped me. While standing on the target line behind the ball, find a spot – could be a twig, a leaf, a light or dark spot, but something about 3 to 6 feet down that target line that you can see at address without turning your head. While addressing the ball, make a mental line from your ball, over the near spot, to the target, get your feet and posture correct, then before takeaway, really focus on that intermediate spot and focus on hitting the ball over it. I also make a mental image of the trajectory I want, basically thinking of a hole in the air that I want my ball to pass through about halfway to the target, along with any shape I want to impart. I have very few mishits with this technique, and accuracy is much better than when I just stepped up to hit.

  2. TexasSnowman

    Everything this guy said is true, however it does not actually address how to align properly when addressing the ball; therefore I rate this video Zero. If this is the quality of the content you get with Premium membership, then I’d say don’t bother.

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