How to Improve Your Golf Swing Plane with a Visual Aid

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Duration: 5:41

Are you one of those players who can’t seem to stop pushing or slicing the ball? Does your yardage off the tee suffer because of that? If so, we know how to solve your problem in one simple exercise.

Despite the golf swing being a complicated process with a range of moving parts, there’s really only aspect of the swing that’s to blame for your ball ending up 30 yards to the left and 50 yards short: the golf swing plane. In this lesson, we show you why a poor golf swing plane leads to sliced shots, and teach you how to improve your golf swing plane and get your ball consistently headed straight for your target.

Expert tips for a straighter golf swing plane

According to PGA Professional Dr. Gary Wiren, there are two basic problems of golf: distance and direction. Your goal should always be to maximize both, but perfection in either is impossible, and the former is dictated largely by the latter. If you hit the ball straight without overwhelming sidespin on the ball, you’ll hit the ball farther. So to help you improve your direction and therefore your distance, Gary teaches you the best way to hit the ball straighter by correcting your golf swing plane.

In demonstrating the importance of a properly aligned golf swing plane, Gary uses a visual aid to highlight the difference between swinging from the outside and swinging from the outside. He explains why many an optical illusion called parallax has many players believing they should be swinging from outside to in, and shows you what an ideal golf swing plane should look like.

With Gary’s expert advice, you’ll learn why the key to a straight golf swing plane is attacking the ball at the inside corner, so your natural follow-through brings the ball out in the direction you’re facing. Take advantage of this quick trick during your next practice session, and you’ll be hitting the ball straighter and lowering your score in no time!