How to Improve Golf Swing Mechanics: The Goldilocks Principle

Duration: 2:26

In this free video lesson, PGA Professional Michael Peterson teaches you how to improve golf swing mechanics by finding the right swing plane. When considering your golf swing, it’s important to remember the principle Goldilocks emphasized when she went into the bears’ home. Not too hot, not too cold, right? Well, the swing plane you follow should utilize the same concept. Not too high, not exaggerated, not lazy, but just right.

Michael demonstrates what exactly that should look like in practice, and gives you a few essential swing tips for better technique. You can take advantage of this advice to learn how to hit irons, drivers, and even wedge shots with more consistency, accuracy, and power. Best of luck out there!

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One Response to “How to Improve Golf Swing Mechanics: The Goldilocks Principle”
  1. Seth R Larmer
    Seth R Larmer

    To a point I disagree with the backswing. Look at Jim Furyk, Raymond Floyd, and to an extent Lee Trevino. Their backswings were not as you described, however, they placed the club in “the slot” in the transition to the downswing. It shouldn’t matter how you get to the top of the backswing, just so long as the transition to the downswing is in “the slot.” I will admit it’s easier to put the club in “the slot” if your backswing is in or close to “the slot.”