How to Hit the Golf Ball Straight

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For players with an unpredictable slice or hook in their swing, setting up for a shot can become a frustrating and rushed process. If you’re unsure when you step up behind the ball whether this will be the time you’ll hit it straight, you begin to compensate and lose track of the fundamentals in your swing that need to be corrected. Fact is, for just about everyone who has experienced their golf shots slicing and hooking, learning how to hit the golf ball straight can be as simple as taking a look at the face of your club from a different angle. You may notice that you’re not consistently following through on the basics that are necessary to avoid slicing and hooking and develop a straight golf shot. Today, PGA Professional Adam Smith teaches you how to hit the golf ball straight by assessing a few key components of your swing.

Get squared up

Step one in learning how to hit the golf ball straight: line your club up properly. Step two: repeat, again and again. More often than not, a bout of sporadic slicing or hooking in a golf swing is caused by setting your club and your body incorrectly. No matter how cleanly you strike a ball, you’re bound to fade left or right if you do not keep your clubface square to the ball. As a solution, Adam Smith introduces some helpful insight on how to hit the golf ball straight, including an expert technique you can practice each time you step to the ball and set your clubface. By repeatedly making sure your club is aligned correctly, you lay a solid foundation for a great golf swing.

Get the grip right

You can go one step further to avoid slicing and hooking by establishing a grip that keeps the clubface properly aligned. Whether amateur or professional, you’ve probably gone through periods where you just can’t seem to fix your grip, an important component of the swing that often goes overlooked. Knowing how to hit the golf ball straight begins with executing the correct grip each swing.

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