How to Hit Out of a Bunker: The Survivor Drill

Duration: 1:08

Ending up in a difficult bunker can leave you feeling isolated, lost, maybe even stranded on an island without much hope of rescue. If you allow yourself to fret over getting stuck in a trap, you’re probably going to hit a bad recovery shot. So why not embrace it? View the sand trap as a challenge meant to be overcome. Imagine you’re on that island, and you need to survive. In this lesson, PGA Professional Joseph Hallett teaches you how to hit out of a bunker with confidence by practicing the Survivor Drill.

There can only be one survivor. It’s your golf ball, and it will, it will, survive. To complete the Sand Trap Survivor Drill, all you need to do is draw a circle around your ball. That’s the island, and your job is to get the ball safely off the island. Try it first without the ball, and once you’ve successfully removed the island, do it again with the ball. The key to conquering tricky trouble shots is to view them as challenges rather than downfalls. Use Joseph’s tips for learning how to hit bunker shots, and we guarantee you’ll be able to conquer any sand challenge that you might face!

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One Response to “How to Hit Out of a Bunker: The Survivor Drill”
  1. bravedavefoster

    It almost looked like he hit directly behind the ball and not the two inches behind like we’ve heard over and over again.