How to Hit Hybrid Irons from the Rough

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You see that hybrid iron in your golf bag, the one you don’t get the chance to pull out all that often? The hybrid is a highly valuable club when utilized in the correct scenarios, but you have to learn how to use it properly in training so you can make it count when the time finally comes to swing away. With that idea in mind, PGA Professional Rafael Floriani heads to the practice range to demonstrate how to hit hybrid irons from the rough so you can become more confident with a hybrid in your hands during clutch situations.

When to hit hybrid irons

While amateur golfers often opt for the hybrid iron on tee shots because the club feels more like a wood than an iron, they ought to know that that club wasn’t exactly made for the tee box, but rather the thick stuff. In fact, due to the bulk of its broader blade, the hybrid iron is the optimal club for hitting out of the first cut of rough.

The larger head on a hybrid iron allows you to make clean contact with the ball more often, whereas with a long iron the grass grabs at the hozzle and interferes with the face angle, leading to untimely mishits regardless of how smooth your swing is. That’s why it’s important to first, remember the hybrid irons in your bag when you line up to approach a shot from the rough, and second, actually know how to hit hybrid irons properly in order to get closer on the green.

How to hit hybrid irons

The secrets to learning how to hit hybrid irons lie in tiny adjustments. Rafael explains why there is no need for dramatic changes in stance or swing angle; all you have to do is move your hands a little, slide your feet a little, and shift most of your weight. Discover how to hit hybrid irons like a professional and you can feel better about using that hybrid in your bag when you feel stuck in the rough.