How to Hit a Sand Wedge

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Some of the world’s best players with a sand wedge have also been some of golf’s greatest heroes. Maybe we’re taking a leap, but there seems to be a correlation here. We think there’s a reason why the game’s most innovative bunker escape artists tend to be so successful on the Tour. That reason is simple: knowing how to hit a sand wedge from greenside bunkers is absolutely crucial for a good score.

All players end up in the sand soon enough, due to a bad shot or bad luck, but the best players are the ones who can get the ball out and put it close to the pin with ease. You can save valuable time and strokes when you become more proficient from the sand traps by learning how to hit a sand wedge properly. In this lesson, PGA Professional Jay Overton teaches you a simple four-step process you can use every time you step into a bunker. Perfect these expert tips for how to hit a sand wedge and you might be on your way to a record round.

How to Hit a Sand Wedge Like The Best

Jay begins his demonstration on how to hit a sand wedge by going over the basics of club head angle. Your goal with a greenside bunker shot is essentially to explode the sand around the ball to propel it onto the green, not to hit the ball directly. Jay explains which component of the club head is best to accomplish this, and shows you how to set up and settle into your stance with the right part of the club pointing down and your feet pointed in the correct direction.

Once you’ve established your line and your stance, with your weight properly distributed and your angles right, Jay shows you how to hit a sand wedge and walks you through the ideal swing for any greenside bunker shot. Your golf swing should be solid through the sand but relaxed and fluid, similar to any other shot.

Finally, Jay talks about the finish of your swing and closes out the lesson by showing you an example of how proper bunker shot technique should look. When learning how to hit a sand wedge to improve your game from those intimidating sandtraps, always remember Jay’s four points as you practice, focusing on technique alway the way from the set up to the follow- through.