How to Hit a Knockdown Shot

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Duration: 3:16

The knockdown shot is one of golf’s most versatile weapons, ideal for those challenging mid-range approaches from that awkward distance where a full shot will sail the ball to the next tee box and a timid half-swing can leave you with a painfully long first putt. But there is an answer: the knockdown shot.

The low trajectory and abbreviated finish of a well executed knockdown shot allow you the accuracy and control you need to get your ball close. The Tour’s best know how to hit a knockdown shot to get themselves out of trouble spots, but they also opt for the technique even from the short stuff. That’s why our instructors recommend learning how to hit a knockdown shot for any player looking to improve their short game proficiency.

How to Hit a Knockdown Shot Like a Pro

To help you add a new dimension to your wedge skills, PGA Professional Brandel Chamblee and former PGA Teacher of the Year Bill Forrest teach you how to hit a knockdown shot, demonstrating proper stance and swing technique, and then give you some expert insight on when to pull out the knockdown during a round. You’ll discover where to position your weight in your stance and how to angle your wrists in order to get the best cut on the ball and fully utilize the benefits of the knockdown.

Expert Secrets for How to Hit a Knockdown Shot

Later Bill explains why, in practicing how to hit a knockdown shot, it’s highly important that you pay attention to your wrist angle all the way through the swing. A lazy wrist during the knockdown leads to flubbed shots and unnecessary strokes.

Just as crucial for good technique is the placement of the ball in your stance, which Bill demonstrates in rounding out his explanation of how to hit a knockdown shot. Find out what makes for a good knockdown and then hit the range to start working on your technique. We guarantee you’ll be glad you took the time perfecting this crafty skill.