How to Hit a Golf Ball Farther

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It’s only natural to want to learn how to hit a golf ball farther. After all, a longer first shot means a shorter second shot and in turn a more comfortable approach. However, when most amateur golfers work on getting greater distance on their tee shots, their tendency is to just swing harder. This often leads to poor mechanics, wayward shots and, ultimately, even less distance than they had before. Greater distance doesn’t come from wrenching at the ball with all you’ve got; the solution is instead much simpler and kinder on your body.

Today, PGA Professionals Rodney Green, Jay Overton and Kevin Weeks teach you how to hit a golf ball farther without wasting unnecessary energy and patience. They discuss some of the techniques that make for a successful long golf shot, and demonstrate a few basic drills you can practice at your local driving range to get more distance off the tee.

Step 1: Increase club head speed

The first drill our professionals introduce for how to hit a golf ball farther is geared toward increasing your club head speed. Generally, amateur golfers experience lack of distance off the tee because they aren’t getting full extension on the swing, and so they’re not taking full advantage of the potential energy in their stroke. To make sure you’re getting full extension, Rodney Green shows you a drill that forces you to drag your club back completely away from your body.

Step 2: Use the lower body

The second drill for those who wonder how to hit a golf ball farther comes from one of the most decorated professionals in history, Gary Player. Gary taught PGA Pro Jay Overton this simple yet effective exercise aimed at getting your lower body more involved in the swing in order to generate greater torque and maximize the power in your upper body.

Step 3: Complete shoulder rotation

Finally, Kevin Weeks teaches you how to hit a golf ball farther by making sure your shoulders are being fully rotated at the highest point in your swing. Most amateur golfers don’t utilize every bit of turning capability in their shoulders, and so they are losing a large amount of torque in the downward part of their swing.

Take advantage of these three bits of insight on how to hit a golf ball farther, and practice them next time out at the range. You’ll be amazed by the potential for greater distance in your swing.

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