How to Hit a Flop Shot

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It happens to us all as spectators: On Sunday at a critical junction, you watch one of the game’s best fall into a treacherous greenside location and you rule them out of the running. You think, there’s no way he can set himself up for a makeable putt from that spot; but then he pulls out a miraculous, high arcing flop shot to drain an easy par and remain in final round contention, and you’re left amazed by the guts and sheer talent.

Wonder how they do it? Wish you knew how to hit a flop shot with the same level of confidence? To turn a knee-shaking wedge shot into a vital par save, you’ll need proper technique, soft hands and a cool head. Today, you’ll learn how to hit a flop shot like a pro.

Unsure how to hit a flop shot?

The flop shot tends to be one of golf’s most intimidating strokes to attempt, but when used at the right moment, it can also be one of the most rewarding and satisfying. Generally utilized in tight spaces around the green, the flop shot is ideal for a lie in which the ball is settled on an upslope and you have little green to work with.

The goal is to get your ball high above the pin but have it stop with minimal roll. Open the face and make sure you utilize enough swing speed. It’s just a matter of putting it all together. Daunting, but very doable. PGA Instructor Will Reilly helps take the fear out of the flop shot by teaching you the correct mechanics for a successful swing.

How to hit a flop shot with precision

There’s no real trick for figuring out how to hit a flop shot. All it takes is aligning your hips parallel to the ground and placing the ball at the front of your stance. Keep your hands soft, use the ground to your advantage, and derive the necessary power from your shoulders. Try hitting some of these shots your next time out at the range. With just a little bit of practice, you’ll quickly discover how to hit a flop shot and make it look easy just like the experts.

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