How to Hit a Driver Straight: 3 Keys to 3 Tees

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Duration: 3:14

Balance, balance, balance. The key, or rather 3 keys, to driving the ball straight off the tee. Anyone who’s ever led the Tour in driving accuracy knows that in order to find the fairway consistently, you have to be in control of your body. Head to toe balance. So in this lesson, PGA Professional Michael Peterson teaches you how to hit a driver straight by practicing a drill he likes to call 3 Keys to 3 Tees.

Michael starts by explaining how to hit a driver straight by introducing this simple, but maybe surprising, fact: although your driver is the biggest club in your bag, you don’t have to swing it twice as hard as you would an iron or wedge. With this in mind, he sets up three tees on the range to demonstrate the benefits of proper driving balance. The first two tees are empty, while the third has a ball. As he works his way through the drill, laying out what you need to do to find your balance, Michael teaches you several important swing tips that will lead to a straighter, more consistent tee shot.