How to Hit a Draw in Golf: The Over-the-Top Drill

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Duration: 3:53

In this quick video lesson PGA Professional Joseph Hallett demonstrates how to hit a draw in golf by practicing a simple exercise called the Over-the-Top Drill. This drill is mostly geared toward players with a handicap of nine or better, but with a slight modification anybody can benefit from this easy exercise.

Joseph explains what’s required of a good draw, and walks you through each step of the process. He begins at the address, where you’ll start like normal. When you reach the top of your swing, square your shoulders and hips to the target. Once you’re there, go ahead and rehearse the first half of the downswing twice, and follow through the ball on the third motion.

As you complete this drill, you should feel your upper body move more than the lower. The key to learning how to hit a draw in golf is precise and controlled movement in the shoulders and hips at the apex of the backswing. When you harness the hips and shoulders and feel totally in control of these body parts, you can learn how to hit a draw and fade like a professional. Give this exercise and our other expert practice drills a try for yourself, and see what they can do for your game!