How to Hit a Draw and Fade

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Prior to one of Jack Nicklaus’s many spectacular rounds, he gave a unique answer to the common question asked of golfers the day before a tournament: “What is your goal for the week?” Most golfers say something about wanting to play solid golf and stay focused and put themselves in contention, but Nicklaus was much more specific in his response, and with it he highlighted an important trick to the game that often goes unlearned by amatuer golfers: the reliable draw or fade. Fact is, no one hits the ball dead straight each time (not even the pros), so why are we so intent on aiming straight at our target? Today PGA Professional Mike Bender teaches you how to hit a draw and fade so you can become so proficient with a shaped shot that you trust it for around 95% of your swings.

How to hit a draw and fade: lining up the shot

This might come as a bit of a shock to you, but you’re not hitting the ball straight. Don’t worry, neither is anyone else; nothing’s wrong with us, our eyes just tell us something different than do our bodies. The next time you line up for a shot from the fairway, go through your motions like normal. Stand behind your ball and line up the target with your eyes, then get into your stance over the ball and without moving another muscle, turn your head and see if you are aimed at the same spot you picked out while you looked from behind. Chances are you’re aiming ten feet to the right or left, depending on your hand.

That’s why it’s important to know how to hit a draw and fade. Because your angle changes once you stand over the ball, you have to shape your shot accordingly and attack the target with either a draw or fade in the ball’s flight path. To help you learn the proper technique, Mike Bender teaches you how to hit a draw and fade by only slightly altering the mechanics of your golf swing. He also talks a bit on what it means to “cross the line” and how you might put to good use what you’ve learned about how to hit a draw and fade so you can make Jack’s goal your goal for the next round.

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