How to Get More Distance with Driver

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It’s a simple fact: if you can put the ball in the fairway consistently, you give yourself a great chance at par or better. Conversely, miss the fairway on a regular basis and you give yourself a headache. The next time you watch a major championship on TV, at the end of the final round take a look at the winner’s scorecard, particularly their “Fairways Hit” statistic. One of the key ways golfers put themselves in contention is by hitting a majority of the fairways off the tee. The second shot from the fairway gives golfers a clear line of sight to their target and usually a level surface to hit from. That’s why we like to focus so much on helping amateur golfers improve with a driver in their hands–because it really is important.

How to get more distance with driver off the tee

Learning how to get more distance with driver and become more accurate off the tee doesn’t have to be stressful, in fact it can even be fun. Today, PGA Professional Gary Bates introduces a few drills you can practice on your next trip to the driving range that will help you to hone your long ball skills and become more confident with a driver in your hands. To figure out how to get more distance with driver, amateurs should begin by working on several aspects of overall technique, including alignment, stance and clubhead speed.

In helping you discover how to get more distance with driver, Gary demonstrates some expert tips that you can repeat over and over to get your body and mind used to setting up and swinging correctly each and every time. Additionally, he highlights some inexpensive products that you can find in your local pro shop and use to increase the speed of your clubhead at impact to gain 20+ yards on your drives. Want to know how to get more distance with driver? It’s all about technique and repetition. Work more time with your driver, we promise you won’t regret it.