How to Fix a Slice in Golf Swing with Lead Tape

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Duration: 3:09

The vast majority of amateur golfers who take lessons with a PGA Professional show up on the range with one common concern: they want to hit their driver straighter, farther and more accurately. We all know the driver is golf’s hardest but most important club; it’s crucial for the success of almost every hole, but it can be so difficult to master. And the standard slice is what most often holds amateurs back from taming the big stick. Well, in this lesson we teach you how to fix a slice in golf using a simple, inexpensive tool.

For a moment, forget mechanics, drills and minute swing alterations. PGA Professional Eric Hogge has a quick trick to cure your slicing problem, and he thinks it might be a simple solution to help you discover how to hit a driver farther and straighter. Eric’s secret for how to fix a slice in golf is a little bit of lead tape applied to the heel of your drive. He explains what lead tape (which weighs less than a gram per inch) does to affect your swing, then talks about the impact it might have on your swing troubles. You’ll also learn an expert tip for deciding — after you’ve hit a few shots — whether the tape works for you or if you need to consult a professional!