How to Fix a Shank Golf Swing

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You can feel them coming. The shanks creep into your game slowly and show themselves sporadically. Just when you think you’ve figured out how to fix a shanked golf swing and you’ve beaten your demons, you spray another shot to the right and the tension builds. Your body stiffens and your swing tightens and you try to correct the problem, but all you do is overcompensate.

The shanks tend to feel like you’re in a pit without a ladder and the dirtline is just above your head, so you can just about get your leg up over the edge before falling back down. Gives us nightmares just talking about it…But what if we told you there is a simple solution for how to fix a shank golf swing? It’s true, PGA Professional Adam Smith has a quick trick he likes to execute when he feels the shanks lurking at the range or on the course.

How to Fix a Shank Golf Swing Using An Extra Ball

Your goal when you step up to each and every golf swing is to find the sweet spot on your club face, and make square contact with the ball. When you miss that spot and your shots start to make contact with the hozzle, you end up spending a lot of time digging for your ball in the trees and wasting a lot of energy figuring out how to fix a shank golf swing.

Lucky for you, Adam knows how to fix a shank golf swing by taking a step back and practicing with two balls. The mental component of this exercise challenges you to get your golf swing back on its ideal path, which is the line golfers stray from when they start to get stuck in the shanks.

Adam demonstrates this quick drill to show you the proper method for first determining the problem in your swing that’s leading you to shank, and second deciding how to fix a shanked golf swing. A simple change in perception can help you refind the sweet spot and regain your groove.