How to Hold a Golf Club: Expert Tips for a Better Grip

Duration: 1:35

A good grip is the foundation for a good golf game. When you grip the golf club correctly, you set yourself up to execute and get everything else right. When you grip the club incorrectly, you make the game harder than it needs to be. So in this lesson, we teach you how to hold a golf club like a pro, and introduce some simple training aides you can add to your bag to ensure you’re gripping the club like you should for each and every stroke.

Nailing the basics: How to hold a golf club

We see amateurs every day who can’t seem to get a hold of their best golf swing, and more often than not, the problem lies in their hands. Poor grip establishes a poor swing, it’s as easy as that. That’s why PGA Professional Charles Sorrell is here to show you how to hold a golf club the way it ought to be held, whether you’re right-handed or left.

To emphasize the do’s and dont’s of a golf grip, Charles begins by demonstrating the key mistake many golfers make when they grip their club. He explains why it’s so important for figuring out how to hold a golf club to understand that you’re letting the grip rest on your fingers, not strangling the grip in your palm.

If you’d prefer to think about it another way, Charles shows you multiple tools you can utilize to learn how to hold a golf club. He teaches you how to use either a dot on your glove or a two-toned pole to find your optimal grip, and gives you a couple rhymes to keep in mind when placing the club in your hands. Take advantage of Charles’s expert golf swing tips and work these simple golf practice drills into your training routine, and you’ll discover how to hold a golf club like a pro in just a few hours’ time!

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