Hitting Out of the Sand

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Many amateur golfers tense up when they find themselves stuck in the sand, but we believe they should feel the opposite. With the bunker shot, you have a wider margin for error because you make contact with the sand and not the ball. It’s the sand that propels the ball onto the putting surface, not your club.

All you’ll need for better bunker shots is a relaxed swing and a little lesson in technique to improve your proficiency at hitting out of the sand. So in this demonstration, some of our PGA Professionals show you their favorite tips for hitting out of the sand. You’ll learn how to get yourself out of a variety of sand trap situations, from the knee-knocking greenside saves to the long distance fairway bunker approach shots. Improve your sand wedge game, and you can improve your score.

Hitting Out of the Sand Like an Expert

One of the most important factors most amateur golfers miss when it comes to hitting out of the sand is the technique. They step up to the ball with an open stance and closed wrist and tear at the ball with an aggressive swing and wonder why their ball ends up in an adjacent bunker.

The solution to poor bunker play is very simple: relax. PGA Professionals Brandel Chamblee and Adam Smith agree that problems arise hitting out of the sand when golfers swing too hard. They think they really have to put a powerful swing on the ball to get it up and out of the sand. What this does is cause a breakdown in mechanics in one or more places in the swing, and you end up in the aforementioned other bunker.

To fix this issue and get out of any bunker situation, you just have to relax. Use these expert tips to learn how to slow your swing to a normal tempo and align your body correctly in relation to your target. Plus, PGA Professionals Joe Plecker Jr. and Rick Martino show you how to properly recover from fairway bunkers and attack long bunkers.

Remember, the key to hitting out of the sand well is proper technique. It doesn’t matter that you’re hitting through sand to get to the ball. You still put your same solid swing on the ball and the bounce of the club does the rest.

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