Anything Goes when Hitting out of a Bunker

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Duration: 2:25

The key to hitting out of a bunker is to aim for the sand and to take the ball with it. You can adjust anything you want in regard to grip, posture and extremity angle, but the basics prevail over all. Use sand to push your ball out and get that ball to your target, and the rest is just extra. It doesn’t have to be so hard, promise!

In this quick lesson, PGA Professionals Joseph Hallett and Mark Drenga demonstrate the correct technique for hitting the perfect sand trap save. When it comes to learning how to hit bunker shots, they want you to remember this simple phrase: anything goes! With expert tips from two industry pros and golf practice drills like these, you’ll be able to hit just about anything up and out of the sand. But we can’t guarantee you’ll be able to get a medicine ball airborne.