Hitting Off Hardpan

Duration: 4:04

Your ball doesn’t always land on plush green grass. Sometimes, you’re forced to hit off a hard surface such as trampled grass or even the cart path. Dr. Jim Suttie demonstrates how to successfully hit from hardpan, or any thin lie. See his tips, including how to select the best club for your lie, and learn a drill that can help this part of your game!

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2 Responses to “Hitting Off Hardpan”
  1. eko wiyono
    eko wiyono

    Greetings, I have a son aged 14 years, had 12 handicap I want my child to be a professional golfer 6 months smp he passed me he plans to focus on professional golf but I have not been able teacher who guided him to become a professional golfer and he had a golf school where should i need advice and guidance for my child named ANNISA Choirunnisa so thank you


  2. Boysdaddy

    I noticed the stand on the golf pro’s golf bag. What is that? Is it part of the bag or a golf bag accessory? I have looked for an accessory like that for years.