Hitting Golf Irons Different Distances

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Duration: 2:49

You can hit your 7 iron 155 yards on the money every time. Full swing and you know what to expect. But did you know you can use that same club to hit 145, or even 135 yards? All you have to do is shorten your swing, and that 7 iron can become an 8 or 9. In this quick lesson, PGA Professional Eric Hogge teaches you expert tips for hitting golf irons different distances, so you can get the most out of every club in your bag.

Tips for Hitting Golf Irons To Any Target

When you take a bit off your backswing and follow-through, you compress the ball less and lower the trajectory of your flight path. Eric explains how this works, and demonstrates what happens when you view each golf club as a paint brush with which many unique masterpieces are possible. With his tips for altering your swing to maximize your club’s potential, you’ll learn how to hit irons with a level of precision you’ve never seen.

If you’re uncomfortable shortening your swing too much, Eric shows you how to achieve a greater distance decrease by slowing your rhythm. Give this technique a try the next time you’re practicing at the range, and take advantage of our other swing tips videos to gain superb control over your irons and nail your targets!