Hitting Fairway Woods Like a Pro

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Duration: 3:46

There are few sweeter sounds on the golf course than when you put a clean stroke on the ball with one of the bigger sticks in your golf bag. When your technique is correct, hitting fairway woods and hybrids can add a whole new dimension to your golf game. If you can hone your technique and fully utilize the club’s long distance proficiency, you can attack the pin from farther out and work toward shedding valuable strokes from your scorecard.

In this lesson, PGA Professional Gary Bates walks you through the thought process and mechanics of hitting fairway woods and hybrids like a pro. He starts by talking a little bit about the changing climate of golf, which is seeing more and more golfers ditching their 3 and 4-irons for fairway woods and hybrids of various degrees. This shift is happening because of the club’s unique ability to get the ball high into the air and shape shots without risking digging your club into the ground. Long irons such as the 3 and 4 typically have thin club faces and thus grab at the turf rather than skid across it.

When hitting fairway woods and hybrids, you don’t have to worry about your club face nosediving into the ground and taking a huge chunk of grass. Thanks to the deeper face of the hybrid and even deeper face of the fairway wood, your club glides across the ground and takes the slightest divot.

Hitting fairway woods and hybrids properly

In showing you the proper technique for hitting fairway woods and hybrids with the correct swing mechanics, Gary introduces a few important aspects of the proper swing, highlighting some key advice about what to do with your head and arms throughout the swing. Learn the best form for hitting fairway woods and hybrids by following Gary’s lead, and we think you’ll add a valuable skill to your bag.