How to Hit Perfect Flop Shots

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Duration: 2:37

In this quick video lesson, PGA Professional Gary Bates teaches you the expert technique for nailing flop shots around the green. To perfectly execute this shot that stops dead on the putting surface, you’d do best to have a 60-degree wedge (or greater, if available). You need as much loft as possible to pull off a pristine lob shot!

The technique for good flop shots is relatively simple, requiring only a few distinct changes from your normal greenside pitches. In fact, the form for a flop shot is similar to a bunker shot. First, open the club face wide, almost as far as it will go, with your feet close together and the ball on your front foot. Take a full swing, all the way back and all the way through, nice and smooth. When you reach the downswing, cut underneath the ball and leave the club face open at follow through.

Try the flop shot from different lies when you practice flop shots, because you’ll face easy and difficult lies when you’re out on the course. Don’t give yourself the ideal setup each time in training!