How to Hit a Golf Ball Higher to Avoid Trees

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Duration: 2:09

There’s a distinct difference in the way professionals and most amateurs navigate trees and other tall objects on the golf course. Whereas weekend warriors tend to lean way back and dig their club under the ball to create greater loft, the pros know steep shots are entirely dependent upon the stance and the angle of the swing. In this lesson, we teach you how to hit a golf ball higher so you’ll know exactly what to do next time a tree finds itself between you and your target.

Just because that tree standing in your way is three stories tall doesn’t mean you have to swing with all your might. PGA Professional Joseph Hallett explains why hitting a golf ball higher is less about the angle of your back and the power of your swing, and more about how you set your feet and descend with the clubface down through the ball.

He teaches you a few important short game tips that will help you nail the technique and better understand how to hit a golf ball higher and closer to the target. Follow Joseph’s guidance and practice his mechanics, and you’ll have no problem with trouble shots such as this when you’re out on the course!