What Happens When You Putt The Wrong Ball

Duration: 2:20

You accidentally replace your ball in front of the wrong marker on the putting green, and realize after your stroke that you’ve putted from a playing partner’s spot. Mistakes happen. In match play, you would automatically lose the hole. In stroke play, you’d incur a penalty of strokes, but the amount you tack on depends on how you handle the situation and whether you sink the subsequent putt.

In this lesson, Mark Wilson of the PGA Rules Committee teaches you what to do in the event of playing the wrong ball on the putting green so you incur the smallest stroke penalty possible. You’ll learn how to adhere to the rules of golf to navigate the scenario if you make the putt and then realize your mistake, as well as if you miss the putt. Take the proper steps in correcting the mishap, and you can save yourself the cost of double penalties. Utilize this information; it could mean the difference between a manageable error and a round-ruining gaff!

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3 Responses to “What Happens When You Putt The Wrong Ball”
  1. John Stringer
    John Stringer

    From your example if I am the innocent party in this where do I putt from? Do I have to agree with my fellow players where the marker was before my opponent incorrectly putted his ball and removed my marker?

  2. Anne Edgar
    Anne Edgar

    Content is good, but you are listing this as being from Rule 20. The rules changed in January 2019, so the overlays you display about Rule numbers, etc., need to be changed or updated/corrected.

    • Customer Service
      Customer Service

      Hi Anne. Thank you for letting us know. I have forwarded your comments on.
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