Simple Golf Practice Drills to Improve Your Game

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In order to make improvements to your golf game, practicing is more than just important, it’s essential. You can dramatically advance your skills by working on specific aspects of your game each time you visit the range, and every bit of work you put in on the practice tee will be evident when you hit the course.

Whether you want to become a better putter or a more capable striker of the ball, there are countless golf practice drills available to improve whatever facets of your game need help the most. In this lesson, some of our PGA Professionals introduce their favorite golf practice drills that you might incorporate your next time out at the range to get better on the green, off the tee and from the fairway.

Golf practice drills for a more confident swing

When it comes to making adjustments to your game, it’s necessary to keep in mind that you don’t need a complete overhaul to find your best swing, you just need to make simple changes. You can tweak your game in minor ways and find major improvement by utilizing golf practice drills to make training more worthwhile and fun.

To help you figure out the best golf practice drills for your needs, PGA Professionals demonstrate a handful of golf practice drills beginners and pros alike can use to maximize each and every swing. If you’re looking to become a better putter, Mike Davis, Charlie King, Joe Hallett and Chip Koehlke introduce a range of golf practice drills that are excellent for improving accuracy, technique and distance and speed control on the putting surface.

If you want to get better with the longer clubs in your hands, Kip Puterbaugh and Eric Johnson teach you a few different golf practice drills that help to hone rhythm, distance control and alignment. Take advantage of some or all of these expert golf practice drills to simplify the way you improve your game. We guarantee you’ll notice the difference in no time!