Good Putting Drills

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The practice putting green is the perfect place to work out kinks in your game, improve your technique and develop your most consistent stroke. However, because no one is watching and you’re not keeping score while you practice, there is no pressure. The relaxed environment of training doesn’t carry over to the course, where at some point you could be putting for your best round or maybe for a club championship.

Tension can play a big role in your success on the golf course, so it’s important to add a little pressure to your practice sessions so you’re ready when the moment matters. To create tension, you have to put the heat on yourself and set challenges that you absolutely have to meet. As PGA Professional and college coach Michael Breed says, good putting drills make you work for your dinner. They demand that you narrow your focus and put everything else aside except for putting the ball in the hole shot after shot.

To help you become a more focused putter and a more confident all-around golfer, Michael and PGA Professional Krista Dunton demonstrate a variety of good putting drills you can practice to hone your precision and nail more putts.

Good putting drills for increased precision

When we talk about precision in golf, we mean how often you can hit the target. The more precise you are, the more putts you can make. It’s important to be an accurate putter, even more so to be both accurate and precise. If you can bury your putts repeatedly, you stand a chance at a low score, it’s as simple as that. With this idea in mind, Michael and Krista introduce a handful of good putting drills that will force you to narrow your focus on the golf ball and the hole and make clutch putts to “earn your dinner.”

From the North-East-South-West Drill to Blocking the Hole, you’ll learn a variety of good putting drills that test your pressure-putting capabilities. If you can perfect each of these good putting drills, we guarantee you’ll sink the big putts when the tension starts to mount.