Playing Graceful Golf: Weight Shift Waltz

Duration: 1:45

Do you ever feel like your arms are fighting your hips, which together are fighting the club as you go through your swing? That’s not an uncommon feeling, and it happens when your upper and lower body fall out of sync with the weight in your hands. For a graceful, easy swing, the body and club must work in tandem.

In this free lesson, PGA Professional Ali Jean Wells demonstrates a quick drill you can add to your training regimen to discover that free-flowing swing that every golfer can have. She also teaches you some important golf swing tips that you can utilize when practicing this drill at the range. There’s no pressure when you’re not swinging at a ball, so you can let your body be one with the club. Do the Golf Weight Shift Waltz, it’s essential for a good time on the course!

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