Golf Warm-Up Routine

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For many amateurs, their golf warm-up routine involves some fanning of the arms, a couple touch-the-toes and a practice swing, followed by one or two breakfast balls. Most players don’t realize how important a proper golf warm-up routine is for a successful start and a consistent day on the course. Just like a baseball player wouldn’t expect to hit a homerun with only a few half-swings of the bat, you shouldn’t expect to hit your best golf shot with a ten-second stretch.

To properly prepare your body and mind for 18 holes of good, consistent golf, you have to give it a chance to work up to its best. A good golf warm-up routine means reaching peak extension through your arms, torso and legs by stretching and firing the most important golf muscles. Before you reach for your golf ball and put on your glove, grab a club and test out this series of bodyweight exercises during your golf warm-up routine next time you’re on the range or at the course.

Proper golf warm-up routine

In order to prepare your body to endure the wear and tear of a round of golf, you have to loosen and stabilize the parts of your upper and lower bodies that are most essential to a good golf swing. To do so, we demonstrate a variety of dynamic stretches and bodyweight exercises you can work into your golf warm-up routine to gain full extension, create more distance and control your swing. You’ll learn how to loosen your hips and shoulders and work your way up to your fullest, most under-control swing, prior to placing a ball on the tee.

The key to a successful golf warm-up routine is to gain mobility and stability from your hips to your shoulders and everyone in between. When you can generate greater power through a solid stance and full swing, you can hit the ball farther and lower your scores. Improve your golf warm-up routine, improve your game.