Pregame Golf Warm Up Putting Routine

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Duration: 5:03

In most other sports, a thorough warm up is essential for optimal performance in a game, race or match. Warming up and going through your routine ensures you will be in the right place physically and mentally for the big moments. The same is true for golf, despite what many amateur players might say. Sure, you can show up ten minutes before your tee time and play decent round, but if you want to hit your best shots and shoot your lowest score, you should complete a comprehensive golf warm up. That means preparing with your irons, driver, wedges and, of course, the putter. In this lesson, we teach you an easy but effective golf warm up routine that focuses on proper putting technique and distance control.

“Who needs a golf warm up? That’s what the first hole is for!”

Do us and all PGA Professionals a favor, for sanity’s sake, and forget you ever heard the above sentiment. Then do yourself a favor and make the first hole count. Get off to a good start and set a standard for the day with two great first shots and a drained putt.

Okay, with the pep talk over, PGA Professional Chip Koehlke has some expert ways to guarantee you’re ready for the first hole of every round. He demonstrates a simple golf warm up putting routine that you should add to your pre-round regimen. You’ll learn why practicing short- and long-range putts prior to your round helps to prepare for the real thing by honing muscle memory, and discover essential putting tips for a solid day on the greens.

Work your way up Chip’s golf warm up putting ladder, incorporating distance and gradient variations, and utilize our other golf practice drills to test the technical aspects of your swing. Remember: Proper Prior Planning and you know how the rest goes!