Golf Warm-Up

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Warming up for a round isn’t just recommended, it’s essential in order to get your muscles used to swinging each of the clubs you plan to use throughout the 18 holes. For many players, the golf warm-up is rushed and includes arriving for your tee time ten minutes early, swinging the driver a couple times and heading for the tee box. Sure you can take advantage of a few breakfast balls to get yourself moving, but why not actually prepare and start with a bang? A proper golf warm-up of course helps prevent injury by slowly loosening up vital muscles, but it can also be used to avoid a sluggish start by getting your body used to some of the clubs you’ll be spending most of your time with during a round. That’s why PGA Professional Warren Botke discusses the three clubs you should practice with during your next golf warm-up.

Picking the right clubs for a golf warm-up

As in other technical sports such as tennis, in golf, warm-up preparations allow you to get into a groove with the specific shots and mechanics you’ll need right away. Generally, golfers utilize three clubs for the majority of their round — 73% of it, to be exact. Those clubs are the driver, mid-range iron and putter. The driver is most vital for the golf warm-up because, in just about all cases, it is the first club you use to kick off the first hole. Warren recommends spending 30 minutes on the range prior to teeing off for a round. 10 minutes should be dedicated to each of the three aforementioned clubs.

Other components of the golf warm-up

In addition to preparing with your three key clubs and getting comfortable with each, it’s also highly important to give your muscles a proper tune-up. Thorough, whole-body stretching and constant hydration are key aspects for a successful round, otherwise you could be feeling some unwanted pains by the 18th green.

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