Golf Tempo Drills: Rotate and Don’t Release

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Duration: 1:58

In this quick video lesson PGA Professional Joseph Hallett demonstrates one of the best golf tempo drills for better touch at the bottom of your swing. Joseph calls it Rotate and Not Release, and it’s essential for your practice regimen if you’re looking to sync up the timing of your upper and lower body rotation. All you have to do to complete this drill is line up to your ball like normal. But when you pull your club back, rotate your shoulders over the ball. Feel what happens when you align the shoulders with the hands and the hips.

You should start this drill the first time with a wedge in your hands. Go through the motions a few times, getting more and more comfortable with the technique. When you’re used to the process, go ahead and work your way through the irons, developing your touch for a more consistent swing. Once this exercise becomes second nature, check out some of our other practice drills and find out how our expert golf swing tips can positively affect your game!