Golf Swing Tips for Better Contact: Painting the Horizon

Duration: 1:56

In this free video lesson PGA Professional Ali Jean Wells teaches you one of the simplest golf swing tips to improve your ball contact and become a more accurate player. This exercise is geared at correcting a common mistake that beginning golfers tend to make where they scoop with their club to get the ball airborne rather than letting the club and club face do the work.

To complete this quick exercise, all you need to do is paint the horizon. Ali shows you what that means, and how it has a huge effect on the consistency of your swing. Whereas scooping can lead to sculling the ball, rotating with your forearms and hitting clean through the contact point allows the club face to work its magic. If you’re struggling to make clean contact, try incorporating golf practice drills such as this into your training routine. We guarantee you’ll notice the difference!

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