Finding Your Rhythm with a Golf Swing Tempo Drill

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For every golfer, their best golf swing is the one that has an even tempo and correct mechanics. Proper golf tempo is a matter of maintaining the same clubhead speed that you generate in your backswing in your follow-through. If you pull the club back quicker than you push it forward, your timing and technique will be off, and you stand to shoot a bad shot.

Lose control of your tempo on the course, and you stand to shoot a bad round. So in this lesson, we teach you a simple golf swing tempo drill you can utilize at the range or on the course to rediscover your optimal tempo and get your swing back on track so you can start hitting cleaner, more precise golf shots.

Golf swing tempo drill to find your natural tempo

You could ask a number of golf coaches their favorite way to help golfers find their best swing tempo when the rails start coming off, and you’d probably get a number of different answers. For PGA Professionals Mike Adams and Joseph Hallett, there’s only one tried and true way to rediscover your rhythm. All you need is one basic golf swing tempo drill that can be done anywhere, without a ball.

If you’re struggling with a swing that’s breaking down, you can easily get it back on track with this golf swing tempo drill. Mike shows you how to continuously swing your golf club until you find the right tempo for your stroke. Almost always with this golf swing tempo drill, by the third time you swing the club, you’ll have found your optimal tempo. Again, you’re looking for the same clubhead speed in your backswing and follow-through. Use Mike’s quick golf swing tempo drill, and we guarantee you’ll find your ideal tempo and get back to putting the ball where you want it!

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2 Responses to “Finding Your Rhythm with a Golf Swing Tempo Drill”

    So you’re saying that if your swing speed is, say, 90 MPH, your backswing speed should also be 90 MPH?

    • Customer Service
      Customer Service

      Hi Bruce. Thank you for your question. This can be a tricky one. Short answer is no, your backswing and downswing would not have the same swing speed. What Mike is talking about is equal tempo, and tempo doesn’t mean swing speed. If a player has good tempo (an equal amount of effort swinging the club back and forth) the swing will be more repeatable. When your backswing and downswing have the same tempo, your backswing will always tend to be slower than your downswing due to physics (gravity). Swinging with good consistent tempo back and down will allow a player to achieve their best results where you can hear the WHOOSH of the club as it gains speed on the downswing. And as Mike notes, your third practice swing is generally a good indicator of your best swing tempo, and the tempo you should try to focus on repeating. I hope this helps and enjoy your next round or trip to the range.