Golf Swing Posture Tips and Exercises

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Duration: 8:00

If there are just two main components to the golf stroke, they are the swing and the posture. These elements have to work in harmony — no matter how still you keep your head and spine, you won’t hit your best shot unless you put a good swing on the ball. Vice versa, it’s practically impossible to put a good swing on it if your posture is all wrong. That’s why golf instructors everywhere stress the importance of good posture. Maintaining proper golf swing posture throughout your entire swing ensures that if you put your best swing on the ball, you should hit your target.

In this video, we teach you some of the essentials of golf swing posture, and demonstrate a handful of expert drills you can work into your training routine in order to strengthen your core muscles and maintain proper posture.

Golf swing posture is about the angles

Proper golf swing posture goes beyond just settling into your stance with a straight back and eyes over the ball. It’s a matter of getting the angles right and keeping them right throughout your swing. Our instructor explains how training your muscles to hold the proper angles in your wrists, elbows, knees and ankles from start to finish helps to improve and solidify your posture.

To create this muscle memory and form a more consistent golf swing posture, our instructors recommend all golfers incorporate resistance drills into their workout routine. With stretching bands or heavy objects in your home, you can determine the points of most resistance in your golf swing. Then practice keeping the angles in your extremities aligned from the backswing to the finish in order to maintain proper golf swing posture.

These simple yet effective exercises strengthen your core muscles and improve your golf swing posture with just a few quick sets. Try working them into your daily or weekly routine, and see if you notice any change in your posture. Odds are, you’re going to feel stronger and more stable from the backswing to the follow-through.