Holding the Golf Swing Follow Through

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Most beginner golfers aren’t taught the importance of starting slow and making their finish count. When young players are handed their first club, their instinct is to swing hard and figure out technique after they’ve whacked a couple good ones. But the thing is, first timers swing too violently to hit productive practice shots, thus nullifying any good shots that might come because there’s no sense of mechanics. To counteract this, PGA Professional Ali Jean Wells has a practice drill that helps to teach beginners to focus on their golf swing follow through by making the finish count.

Why does the golf swing follow through matter?

The golf swing follow through might seem like an afterthought, a means to an end before moving on to the next shot. But according to Ali Jean, the finish of your swing is as crucial as the takeaway. By committing to a solid finish, you push yourself to pay closer attention to the rest of the swing. A good backswing leads to a better downswing, which can end in a proper finish when done correctly.

With that in mind, Ali Jean recommends that all new golfers start with this drill, which trains them to make their finish count. All you have to do is swing like normal, but once you make contact, follow through and then hold your finish until the ball lands and comes to a complete stop. Doing so improves balance, tempo, and patience, and forces you to be more deliberate with your movements. The golf swing happens so quickly, but if you’re more mindful of each step when you’re just getting started, you lay a solid foundation for muscle memory to take over.

Throughout this video, Ali Jean introduces several free golf tips that when practiced at the range will translate to the course. Store these tips away in your memory bank, and add this drill to your training regimen, and we guarantee you’ll learn to improve your golf swing follow through, and discover how to hit a golf ball farther, straighter, and closer to your targets!

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