Golf Swing Exercises: Speeding it Up with What?

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There are three main parts of the body that you can adjust in order to gain club head speed and get a little extra distance. You can either speed up rotation with your body, your arms, or your hands. Minor changes in each part affects the outcome of your swing a little bit differently. And each player is uniquely affected at that. In this quick lesson, PGA Professional Joseph Hallett teaches you one of his favorite golf swing exercises, which he likes to call “Speeding it Up with What?”

Do you know what happens when you speed up your hands as you begin your downswing and follow through the ball. How about your arms? Joseph thinks you should try it out to see the impact. He knows that when he speeds up with his body, he notices some direction issues, and when he accelerates through his hands, he doesn’t make the cleanest contact. But when he speeds up his arms, he hits the ball pretty solidly. Each player is different in this regard, and there’s only one way to find out. Take Joseph’s golf swing tips to the driving range, and practice this exercise for yourself. See if golf swing exercises like this help you discover how to hit a driver a little better and you don’t gain that ten yards you’ve been praying for!