Golf Swing Drills: The Step-Into

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Duration: 2:30

If you’re constantly striving to add yardage off the tee but can’t seem to figure out how to make it happen, might we suggest stepping away and stepping back in? That’s a little on the nose, but in this quick video lesson PGA Professional Joseph Hallett teaches you one of the simplest golf swing drills for increasing power and distance. It’s called the Step-In Drill, and it perfectly demonstrates how power transfers from the lower to the upper body during your golf swing.

To complete this drill, all you have to do is take your normal setup, then move your front foot back next to your back foot. Take a full backswing, but as you start to come down to approach the ball, step your front foot forward to where it used to be, and swing through.

If you feel like your swing is thrown off rather than bolstered by that step, try separating each portion of the drill. So allow a brief pause between stepping forward and swinging. Once you feel confident and in control combining the last two portions into one fluid motion, great, keep practicing! If not, be deliberate in separating the two.

Close the gap as the mechanics become more comfortable, and see what happens to your distance! You’ll feel the added power, and discover how to hit a driver longer and more consistently as you work through the motions. You can also practice other golf swing drills like the Belly Button Drill to develop a stronger, more controlled swing that results in long tee shots.