Golf Swing Basics: The Sharpie Test

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Duration: 2:24

Did you know you can learn a lot about your golf swing and the fit of your clubs by drawing a single line on a practice ball? It’s true! With one stroke of a Sharpie, you’ll be able to figure out what’s happening when you swing each of the clubs in your bag. Where you’re making contact, which adjustments should be made, whether your club actually fits…the list goes on. In this quick lesson, PGA Professional Joseph Hallett shows you how it’s done, explaining all of the golf swing basics you’ll need to keep in mind in order to get the most out of this exercise.

It’s really as easy as it sounds. One vertical line, and you’ll discover a world of information about your game. Whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been around the block a few times, this exercise is guaranteed to help. Then you can take advantage of expert golf swing tips, and test out your newfound skills with some of our favorite practice drills!