Expert Golf Short Game Tips: It’s All in the Wrists

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Duration: 4:06

Short game: the great equalizer. Even if your days of power drives and pinpoint irons are behind you, you can always make up ground when you get within 40 yards of the green. The easiest way to turn three strokes into two and lower your score is to put your pitches and chips closer to the hole and leave yourself simple putts. So in this lesson, we teach you the golf short game tips you need to hone in with your wedges and take your play to the next level.

Golf short game tips for lower scores

When amateurs struggle with their short game, it’s most often due to overactivity in the wrists. That’s because when you let your wrists do the work, you lose all control over the ball. To demonstrate this fact, PGA Professional Michael Peterson shows you the difference between a pitch shot with poor wrist action and one with proper form. He also explains why scooping with your wrists is bad technique, and gives you a few golf short game tips you can utilize to get the most out of your chips and pitches.

After talking about the negative effects a scooping motion has on your wedge game, Michael introduces a quick drill you can complete to improve your distance control and practice simple short game tips. He demonstrates the importance of pivoting with your body, not your wrists, and teaches you how to hit wedges with greater accuracy by getting a better feel for distance. He also emphasizes rehearsing a few times before you step up to the ball, holding your finish and keeping it low.

Take advantage of Michael’s expert golf short game tips for improved wrist technique, and incorporate his wedge drill into your training routine, and we promise you’ll start to shed those unwanted strokes from your scorecard!