Golf Short Game Drills: Controlling Trajectory

Duration: 1:50

Short game success is all about reading the green and controlling trajectory. If you can determine how high and hard you need to hit your golf ball to get it close to the hole, there’s little mystery left to uncover. So in this lesson, we teach you one of our favorite golf short game drills to help you get a better sense for reading greens and deciding which trajectory works for each shot.

PGA Professional Robert Stocke walks you through the Ball Toss Drill, demonstrating the proper technique you should utilize and giving you some essential pointers. You’ll discover why it’s so important to gather as much information as possible about green speed and ball flight before you take your swing, and learn a few short game tips for ultimate chipping and pitching success. Add this and other golf short game drills to your practice routine, and take advantage of Robert’s expert chipping tips, and we have no doubt you’ll be leaving yourself tap-ins from here on out!

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