Golf Putting Tips: Are You an Arc or Pendulum Putter?

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Duration: 2:50

Do you know whether you’re an arc putter or a pendulum putter? Do you know how to make that distinction. It turns out the answer is pretty simple, and it can have a profound effect on the way you approach each and every putt. In this lesson, we teach you a few basic golf putting tips to help you determine the type of putter you are and show you how you can use that to your advantage.

Finding Your Style with Golf Putting Tips

Golf is largely about feel. More specifically, it’s about practice, solid mechanics and feel. This is especially true for putting, which, in order to be a success, requires feel for distance and feel for good technique. And that’s why, in training amateurs and professional golfers alike, PGA Professional Charles Sorrell stresses the importance of developing a natural feel with the putter in your hand.

To break down the concept of natural putting, Charles introduces some golf putting tips you should incorporate into your training finetune your feel and find your most natural putting stroke. He explains the difference between an arc putting stroke and a pendulum putting stroke, and shows you why that difference is such a big deal for your success as a putter.

After walking you through his expert golf putting tips, Charles demonstrates some helpful putting tips and drills for improving your technique based on what you now know about your stroke type. Take advantage of these practice drills to hone your putting style, and we can promise you’ll notice a difference in your game!