Building a Beneficial Golf Practice Station

Duration: 1:36

In this free video lesson PGA Professionals Mike Adams and Joseph Hallett teach you how to set up a golf practice station that will improve alignment and hone accuracy. All you need to create your own simple but efficient practice station is two snow poles, one at your feet perpendicular to your target and another 10 yards away, pointed directly at your target.

While Joseph demonstrates, Mike explains why this easy golf practice exercise is great for improving your alignment. Although the target might look left of where you’re aiming, it’s actually right on line. Work this and some of our other expert golf exercises and golf practice drills into your training regime, and we guarantee you’ll notice the difference after just a few repetitions!

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One Response to “Building a Beneficial Golf Practice Station”
  1. Keith Arnett
    Keith Arnett

    It seems that this technique will tend to have people setting their body aligned to far right. Won’t that create a casting effect.