Golf Practice Drills: Hinge Only

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Duration: 2:38

One of the most important mechanics of a good golf swing is a consistent wrist hinge. Up and down, not side to side, and not loose. The hinge is simple in theory, but amateur golfers who are having trouble controlling their swing don’t often consider that they’re doing too much with their hands. In this quick video lesson, PGA Professional Joseph Hallett demonstrates one of the best golf practice drills for improving wrist hinge in the backswing.

How a Proper Hinge Affects Your Swing

To help you master a solid wrist hinge, Joseph walks you through perhaps one of the easiest golf practice drills you’ll ever try. He explains what happens when you’re sloppy with your hands, and talks about the difference between a swing with a consistent hinge and one that’s all over the place.

For the Hinge Only Drill, all you have to do is set up to the ball like you normally would, and then lift the club off the ground by hinging your hands straight up. Subtly, not aggressively. Once there, complete your typical stroke. This might feel strange at first, but you’ll be amazed to find that your swing finishes with smooth contact and a straight ball flight more often than not. Give it a go, and see how the Hinge Only Drill can improve you stroke!

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